Wooden Blinds Or Normal Curtains: Which One Would You Get For Your Home?

You already know that it is the joy of every home owner to decorate the home in such a way that it can look so beautiful that everyone who sees it will be full of admiration.
This is because the home is expected to give adequate comfort to the owner. How can this be if the home lacks the scenic beauty that is expected.
So, it becomes necessary that you should make sure that your window is well decorated either with window blinds or normal curtains that will give it the desired beauty.
Obviously, you stand to gain several benefits if you use wooden blinds on the windows of your house as they help protect your room from the harsh rays of the sun that may hamper your comfort.
In addition to the above, you won’t be affected by the excessive cold of the winter period once you have the wooden blinds installed in the windows of your home.
One other thing that must be mentioned as to the benefits you can get from the wooden blinds in your home is privacy. If by chance anyone walks around your home, such a person won’t see your room from outside.
As a matter of fact, there are variety of colors that you can choose from when you want to get your own WoodenblindsUK for the windows of your home.
So, it is ideal that you look for one that will align with the color of your room so that the beauty of room can be enhanced in such a way that it will meet up with your taste.
It should be made clear that you might not see any hole in some wooden blinds. This will definitely prevent the penetration of light in the room.
In addition to the above, when you close the window, you will notice that the slats of the wooden blinds will fit tightly together in such a manner that it will be impossible for the rays of light to come into the room.
Of course, the slats in the blinds do not have the same size as it is possible that some will have a size of half an inch just as some will have a size that ranges between two to three inches.
As a matter of fact, the level of warmth that you can have in the room is determined by the size of the slats of the blinds. It is worthy of note to say that these slats are capable of changing the outlook of the room completely.
On this note, it is expected that you get your decision right as to the location of the slats on the blinds of your window. You must determine whether the slats will be vertical or horizontal in look.
Once you have made the final decision as to the location of your blinds, it is your responsibility to determine the strategy of opening and closing your window blinds.
Of course, you need to specify whether this is to be manually done or that an automated machine will be put in place to perform the opening and closing tasks of the blinds.

Be that as it may, you must consider your purse if you intend using automated machine because of the cost. If you don’t have sufficient budget for it, it will be better that you settle for the manual.

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With the manual

With the manual one in place, you will be responsible for the opening and closing of the blinds as the case may be. This might not be convenient for you if your windows are large or very high.

Having completed

Having completed the task of getting what would power the opening and closing of the blinds, it is expected of you to consider the material that the wooden blinds would be made from.

As a matter

As a matter of fact, the wooden blinds can be made from quite a number of woods like Oak, Cedar and Cherry. It can also be designed by using Bamboo and Faux wood among others.

Of course

Of course, you want it to add some element of beauty to your room. So, it is better you key in into the appropriate color composition that will help you achieve this ultimate aim.

wooden furniture

As a matter of fact, if you have lots of wooden furniture in your room, the addition of a wooden blinds in the room will add more beauty to what you already have on ground.


It must be stated that you have a right to ask that the color of the wood be changed to one that suits you. This is because we all have our favorite colors and it suits us when we see

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  • Before you settle for the wood that they will use to design your wooden blinds, you need to assess the prevailing conditions of the woods and their durability. This will give you an overview to the level of maintenance that you will give to the blinds in the long run things painted in such colors.

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  • Be that as it may, you should be careful when as per the color you want to change your wooden blinds to so that its elegance and beauty won't be tampered with.

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